venerdì 25 marzo 2011


For the last three years, Pepsi has been partnering with DUB magazine as part for their Street Motion Tour.  For 2007, they’ve stepped it up and commissioned Vapor Studio’s Eneri Abillard and San Diego concept shop UNIV to develop the Abelasol, a new take on the design of lowrider bicycles. 
Abelasol is inspired by custom vintage Japanese cars, which in turn, are  the roots of the import car scene.  With an aggressive gesture and forward  design, Abelasol presents a new concept lowrider fabrication and design. 
Notable elements in the Abelasol bike include: 
• Custom frame designed by Eneri 
• Porsche leather seat 
• Modified 3.5 inch crank 
• Steel lowrider shock 
• Original hand brake design
Abelasol made its debut at the March 18 at the DUB show in Los Angeles and will travel across the US through October with the Pepsi Street Motion team as part of the 16-city DUB tour.  Accompanying the bike on tour will be tuner phenom and host of MTV’s “Life in the Fast Lane,” RJ de Vera, as well as spokesmodel Eri Moriyama.
See more detailed images of the bike after the jump.

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